Here my Summarized Journey through this Project

So, at first I rushed into the project after not being able to decide on a topic.

“The local community, eh..How about Troost since I do live near it and can visible see the racial division from that side of town from the Plaza, Crossroads, and West Bottoms districts.” is what I thought to myself.

My first media idea was moss graffiti, which turns out to be something of an internet hoax. So, scratch that!

Next was duct tape graffiti but that turned out to be a bad idea since it’s relative expensive for tape and would have taken me forever to construct. So, scratch that, as well.

But, then my sketches were terrible. I wasn’t really moving anywhere with them, and I was loosing motivation for them. Alas, my Hallmark mentor gave me excellent tips and pointers toward getting a better project. So, following her advice, I brainstormed for a day, making a chart of icons and theses and created two main theses for my project. From there I made sketches, to final sketches, to line art, to digitally made line art, and then digitally colored art.

From there I had to figure out how to print these images without emptying the bank. Luckily, a solution was reached when the Print Center head, Casey, suggested sticker paper, since it was mostly waterproof and it would only be up for a month at the most.

So, that was 150 dollars out of my pocket and onto two wall of KCAI campus. Now here I am writing this.


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