A Couple of Solutions to the Teacher Problem

How can a student or education enthusiast help get campuses, in this case an art school, more diverse teacher-wise (and staff and fauclty,too!)? Well, here are some simple answers that people don’t think of, since they don’t know that that is possible.

But, before we dive into that, I would like to say that the KCAI Human Resources staff are great people and are aware of the diversity issue on campus. They are actively getting the information out there about the job openings, but advertisements and word of mouth via the KC community can only go so far or in certain directions. Plus, they are also keeping in mind to not only look for racial diversity but for political, ideological, and religious diversity when hiring new staff.

Here are some ways to help diversify campus!

  1. Recommend an artist, who might have the time and skills, to submit a resume to KCAI. There is, in fact, several openings for four departments on campus that are to be filled up before next year or later, I believe. And sooner or later, several of our devoted teaching faculty will decide that they finally deserve that retirement status, full-time, so keep your eyes peeled.
  2. Encourage those around you who has a spark of teacherly spirit in them to pursue that teaching career! Programs in high school are already doing this by finding those teaching-leaning individuals early and getting them through college and then having them come back and teaching at the high schools.
  3. Celebrate your school! Even if you find it lacking in some areas, all schools are like this in some way or another. (Honestly, trust your own judgement and save your scorn for your college until you’ve spent a couple years at another college to compare it to.) If KCAI’s name gets out there and becomes a teaching destination, KCAI will land more adjuncts and more professors that have diverse backgrounds and skills.
  4. Let your school know that the lack of teacher diversity is troubling. I mean, they already know but having a nice (nothing too distressing, please) pressure is conductive to change. Never get complacent to the lack of diversity.

I hope these solutions are helpful. I know they are doable but they seem like a small act in the big scheme of things. Every action helps, though.